Monday, March 15, 2010

Misty Moonlight is now a Mexican national

News flash*******

Misty Moonlight will be remaining in Mexico. That's right folks, she ain't heading north. No way, not happening, and the Misty crew could not be happier with the choice we made. We feel that it is important to share this information with friends and family that obviously think we are crazy enough to bash our way north since no one thought we were crazy when we headed south.

So instead of taking our boat home, we decided to stay and explore this magical place called the Sea of Cortez. We have had some time to relax amongst the pristine islands and fill our days with snorkeling, kayaking, lobster and urchin hunting, hiking the cliffs of insanity, frolicking with sea lions, getting surrounded by fin whales and enjoying the company of many good friends with lots of warm beer.
We are all sad to see it end and would do a number of ridiculous things if granted just another month or two. Don't ask. There are moments when we look at each other and we know, time is short, the voyage is not without end.
As hard as it is to think of life not aboard Misty, we know that all we can do is be thankful and take each moment we have had as the fuel that fills the soul.
We are proud to be where we are now, proud to have arrived in time for the adventure of a lifetime.
I asked the Misty crew to tell me some of the things they are proud of that involve the 4Th crew member--Misty Moonlight, either directly or indirectly. The Captain is proud of "that strut" (said with a finger pointed nearly in my eye), other repairs she has orchestrated (salt water impeller, injector pump, autopilot) and of course, the British Seagull.
Sharkfoot is proud of her map (words can't describe the amazingness of it), the Mirado black tipped warrior pencils, the massive hairballs she finds, the black mold she cleaned from within the boat, the plastic spoon she put in the dry milk jar, and the toothbrush holder (a sippy cup found floating in the ocean. As for me, I am proud of the fruit basket, the seal on the water tank, the curtains, and the way I check to see how much diesel we are leaking (it's really minimal or non-existent if we don't fill the tank too high).
Recently, one my proudest moments was knowing that we can now sleep through 39.3 knots of wind(according to another boats anemometer) like a boat full of babies.
There are a couple of things we have on board that we are all truly proud of. One being, our family of ponies that includes Pony, Pinkie and their son. They have shared the night watch, held shade tarps, and listened when the other girls would not. We thank them for their continued love and support. The other is our collapsible bucket for being the best collapsible bucket for the world. He is our friend no matter the circumstance and possibly the most useful item on board. He has transformed himself into a bathroom, mop bucket, dead fish holder, delivery bag for injector pump and a water scooper at all speeds. For this, we salute you.
Just remember, we live on a 30 foot boat and have not slept off the boat in nearly 3 months. If you shared 30 feet with 2 of your most absurd friends, one toilet, one fridge, one stove and 3 crazy ponies, you might find yourself wondering sometimes, what the hell is going on?

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  1. Bahia de los Angeles!!!! Have you hit up this Sea of Cortez bay yet??? IF so, find BEACH BOB. Tell him Kim sent you. Tell him Kim (old friend of Shaun and dead dog Leo PS Leo is burried at this spot) sent you ladies and Beach Bob is to build you a fire and treat you to drinks and stories. You find him!!!!!! He's a mean ol bastard with a heart of gold!

    Ohhh-I'm loving your stories and pictures!!!! I've been to some of those Sea of Cortez spots. MAGICAL!!!!!! I'm so happy and proud for you gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like the t shirt says, "Everything's better in Baja!" MUCH LOVE flow SOAK IT ALLLLLLL UP! You're all glowing!